By this point in the pandemic you would think that nothing could surprise me when it comes to COVID-19 and its effects on the corporate landscape. However, it was still was astounding to me to read recent stats from America which indicate that 1 in 5 people are thinking about changing jobs, or not returning to work. Looking deeper, I have found that these same stats apply to Canada as well. The reasons are real and varied. Some employees are looking for a better work/life balance. With numerous companies demanding a return to the office, staff who wish to continue working from home are seeking employers who will accommodate their situation. Some are unhappy with the way they were treated during COVID, while others are looking for jobs with more meaning and purpose. Finally, with the job market in crisis, many people are realizing there are better benefits and pay to be found elsewhere, and are moving on.

In the midst of all of this an untold number of companies have pivoted, and now need to re-evaluate their current staff and identify who has the skills to fit the new plan and/or needs to be retrained. Not all employees are prepared to retrain.

In this complex and evolving situation, the HR department is called upon to work harder, smarter and more competently. Responding to this need, Wiley has completed a major survey this past year and generated a White Paper entitled, State of Hiring. In it, Wiley summarizes the increased challenges presented by this market, the hang-over complications of COVID-19, as well as viable solutions to move forward. One of the positive solutions pointed out in this paper is the opportunity to collect and utilize data. Many validated, reliable assessments have the ability to gather both cognitive information and behavioural analytics to facilitate unbiased decision making. The right data can help you rebuild your organization – allowing you to identify issues and improve employee experience and productivity, as well as assuring that any new applicants fit the position and your culture.

Employee expectations and the corporate environment have changed… likely for good. Making use of the best tools to ensure you understand the needs of your current employees, while making the right hiring choices for the future, can promote a productive and resilient organization that can outlast any pandemic.


State of Hiring

Wiley’s State of Hiring

Do you want objective, reliable and accurate data to improve your hiring decision making, and bring consistency to your hiring process? Do you want to confidently hire, manage and retain talent using on-boarding and coaching reports? Wiley’s White Paper, State of Hiring, teaches the 3 major actions hiring managers revealed they need to rebuild an organization to grow and prosper.

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About Dale

Dale Wilcox is president of WATMEC Limited. A Learning Strategist, she holds a CTDP from the former CSTD, and a Human Performance Improvement certificate from the former ASTD. For over 25 years she has been an award winner with WILEY and is certified to deliver and debrief all their assessments. Previously Dale was a Board member and inaugural chair of CSTD. She has over 45 years of Board member experience in both for profit and non-profits organizations. An entrepreneur at heart, this is her 4th business venture.