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Training and development by any other name...

May 2015 by Dale Wilcox

Is it time for the Canadian Society for Training and Development to consider a name change? Back in the 1980’s, I remember telling a Vice President that WATMEC provided training to...

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Narrow your focus to broaden your appeal.

March 2015 by Dale Wilcox

If you want to spend your training budget frivolously or have your people “tune out” during workshops, focus on the skills they already have, or the skills they don’t necessarily need to perform their job effectively. If however, you want more...

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Are you a list maker?

October 2014 by Dale Wilcox

Recently, my weekend to-do list included throwing out a pile of old magazines. By coincidence, while flipping through a few before tossing them, I found a short article about to-do lists! The quote that caught my eye was, “Research shows that...

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Yes, there are answers.

August 2014 by Dale Wilcox

To explain an inability to meet their business objectives or grow their organizations, CEO’s and HR executives routinely claim they can’t find enough skilled workers to fill mission-critical positions. Some blame our education system, others...

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What is the true cost of a bad hire?

May 2014 by Dale Wilcox

So you think it’s not necessary to include assessments as part of your hiring process? Statics published in the United States recently indicate that that hiring the wrong person for a job could cost your company as much as 300% of an annual salary...

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