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WATMEC Corporate Learning Programs

WATMEC’s corporate learning programs have the ability to be custom-tailored to address the specific performance requirements of any organization. This flexibility enables learners to leave with relevant tools and skills that are ready for immediate implementation within their workplace.

WATMEC facilitators provide “real world” materials directly related to learners, for tangible business benefits.

Ensuring the “right fit” for your needs

As one of Canada’s top training firms, we’ll ensure each program meets objectives and is aligned with your organization’s culture. Our team includes:

  Writers  Technical Staff  Facilitators

Human Resources Program Highlights

Human Resources Managers are vital to running of an effective, employee-oriented, productive workplace – from hiring the right people and keeping them motivated, to monitoring satisfaction levels, and increasing employee retention. These corporate courses will provide strong base training in these areas.


The cost of a poor hire is estimated at minimum as 2.5 times the employee’s annual salary. Today’s applicants have resources to help them prepare their resumes and their interviewing skills. Don’t you think it’s time you were trained in a proven methodology so you select the best person for the job?

Do you know the difference between minor and major misconduct? Can you choose an appropriate disciplinary response for misconduct? Learn how to deal with the verbal warning process, written warning and suspensions, termination and absenteeism. Finally, understand the role and “how to’s” of coaching for improvement discussions.

Successful performance management results in continuous process improvement, enhanced productivity, workplace cohesiveness, and exceptional customer service. Learn to set the performance standards and job expectations, establish goals and identify gaps. For success, you need to link the work being done with the organization’s goals and make it an on-going process.

Learn the skills of current recruiting and selection procedures. Review various screening techniques and assessments that will aid in finding the best candidate.

Learn best practices and specific tools to help you hire the right person and retain your top performers. Develop ‘Stay Interview’ skills and individual training & development plans that engage staff. Review strategies for on-boarding and performance measurement. Finally, understand and identify the difference between healthy and non-healthy turnover.

We ensure the right training solutions for your needs

In pre-training assessments, WATMEC establishes measurable learning outcomes, to ensure the ‘right fit’. For example, making presentations in a classroom with feedback from the facilitator and group is ideal for improving presentation skills. But if an organization is facing time or geographic issues, or your skill-building concerns involve only one individual, we may recommend utilizing webinars, e-learning or even one-on-one coaching.

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