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WATMEC Corporate Learning Programs

WATMEC’s corporate learning programs have the ability to be custom-tailored to address the specific performance requirements of any organization. This flexibility enables learners to leave with relevant tools and skills that are ready for immediate implementation within their workplace.

WATMEC facilitators provide “real world” materials directly related to learners, for tangible business benefits.

Ensuring the “right fit” for your needs

As one of Canada’s top training firms, we’ll ensure each program meets objectives and is aligned with your organization’s culture. Our team includes:

  Writers  Technical Staff  Facilitators

Leadership & Management Program Highlights

Leading teams is not easy; it takes skill and experience. These corporate training programs will help you understand what it takes to be a sought after leader or manager, and hone the skills needed to lead teams to maximum satisfaction and productivity.



Identify your style of communication and the style of your team members. Next, learn the four stages of group development. These two will promote team effectiveness. To drive employee engagement you will map out a master plan of goals for each of your team members and the full team.

Research has shown that there are at least 14 key skills for good leaders to achieve today to be successful. In this program we will cover off core skills, along with understanding Vision, Mission and Values and how to align them with the corporate strategy and execute them at your department level. Packed with tools and techniques, this program will prepare you for success and put you on a path of development to becoming an engaging, effective leader. (Participants complete the Work of Leaders Assessment)

The best way to achieve your goals is to understand what you are really in service to do. The Power of Service assessment and follow-up coaching session helps leaders to grow in their roles, helps employees unlearn perceptions around service, focuses teams on the right outcomes and the right methods to reach them.

WATMEC has worked with the team behind The Power of Service to create this unique learning journey for your team.


  • A 30 minute pre-session call with your Power of Service facilitator to understand your goals for the learning.
  • A personalized 15 minute online assessment sent to 15 members of your team to completed within 72 hours of your booked team debrief.
  • Based on that team input, a personalized Power of Service report sent to each member 48 hours before the booked team debrief.
  • Another 30 minute 1 on 1 call with your Power of Service facilitator to review the content of the report and focus the conversation and coaching for the booked team debrief.
  • A customized three hour virtual coaching session for your team where you will learn to rethink what it means to be in service to others and take a deep dive into your team’s output and reflections.
  • After the session, a facilitor will share a brief written reflection on your team’s relationship with service and share questions to prompt continued discussion at your next team meeting.


Starting with the assessment Everything DiSC for Management, you will identify your management style. Learn key skills of directing and delegating, motivating, developing others through coaching and finally how to work with your manager. Fast paced and engaging you will come away with a plan of development for yourself and those you manage.

Your number one priority as a manager is to deliver results. This session will provide a roadmap for your management success by focusing on the behaviours that provide the real keys to achievement. Learn field-tested, results-focused mindsets and behaviours that were used to take Fortune 500 companies to the top of their industry sector. Evaluate yourself on the major reasons managers struggle, learn to ‘take action and make decisions’. Identify distractions that interfere with your results. Explore the “one-half of one side of one sheet of paper” to keep things simple, and how to explore models that build accountability that drive performance.

NOTE: Leaders and Managers will also benefit from several of the skills listed elsewhere, ie: coaching, communication, customer service (under sales) and many in the personal development area.

We ensure the right training solutions for your needs

In pre-training assessments, WATMEC establishes measurable learning outcomes, to ensure the ‘right fit’. For example, making presentations in a classroom with feedback from the facilitator and group is ideal for improving presentation skills. But if an organization is facing time or geographic issues, or your skill-building concerns involve only one individual, we may recommend utilizing webinars, e-learning or even one-on-one coaching.

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