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These programs can be tailored to address the specific performance requirements of any organization. This flexibility enables learners to leave with the relevant tools and skills that are ready for immediate implementation in their workplace.

WATMEC facilitators provide “real world” materials directly related to learners and their unique business challenges. And this leads to tangible business benefits.

Individuals and organizations achieve will workplace excellence with WATMEC’s learning solutions.

Ensuring the “right fit” for your needs

Offering 100% customization helps make us one of Canada’s top training and development firms.

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We’ll ensure each program meets your objectives and is aligned with your organization’s culture.

Learn how we build customized solutions:


Team Skills Course Highlights - Corporate Learning


Explore how each team role contributes to the group’s ability to accomplish goals, solve problems and achieve success. Discuss various tasks and interpersonal issues that occur when people undertake a project requiring joint problem solving and decision making. Work through a process to get to an action plan that identifies how to increase team cohesion moving forward.

Through the use of a diagnostic tool, participants identify their work and communication style and how that relates within the team. Learn the four stages of Group Development, how to value differences, and set team goals for success.

Learn the five approaches to team behaviour, the stages of team development, the requirements for an effective team, gaining from storming, working through conflicts and ending with 15 Championship skills for sustaining peak performance.

This assessment-based learning experience helps individuals and organizations reveal what it takes to build a cohesive and effective team in the most approachable, competent and effective way possible. To gain this advantage, teams must learn to trust one another, engage in constructive conflict, commit to decisions, hold one another accountable, and focus on achieving collective results. This initiative is designed exclusively for intact teams and work groups. If your team wants to be more productive this is a great way for them to gain a competitive advantage.

Learn the eight step Corrective Action Process which leads to identifying the “real” problem and solving it efficiently. Discover ways employees can work in a team to solve problems and make decisions together, then move on to identify how to prevent the problem from recurring.

Today’s global organization calls for new solutions that help you work with and manage your virtual teams. Using technology and the latest adult education techniques, we develop resources that help you tap into the full potential of your distance employees and provide a one-of-a-kind connection typically reserved for face-to-face environments. We provide training as engaging as a face-to-face session. Using expert trainers, producers, consultants and coaches along with the leading virtual team building expert, Claire Sookman, WATMEC offers solutions that give you the competitive advantage you need to flourish.

We ensure the right training solutions for your needs

In pre-training assessments, WATMEC establishes measurable learning outcomes, to ensure the ‘right fit’. For example, making presentations in a classroom with feedback from the facilitator and group is ideal for improving presentation skills. But if an organization is facing time or geographic issues, or your skill-building concerns involve only one individual, we may recommend utilizing webinars, e-learning or even one-on-one coaching.

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