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The following programs are created as concentrated learning on each of these topics. Each topic has been designed in 15 to 20 minute modules to allow you to fit the learning into your busy lifestyle. You can start at any point, review, and return to any point to continue. You have access to the material for 12 full months, and once you complete the test at the end of the program you may print out your Certification of Completion.

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Fifty easily mastered techniques for improving meetings, memos, and presentations are presented in this concise, interactive CD ROM with book. Learn ways to improve meetings and to enhance your creativity and organization when writing memos. Includes guidelines for more effective presentations, improved non-verbal communication, and using visual aids.

So writing isn’t one of your strong points? This interactive training is just what you need to write clear, concise business letters, memos, and reports without going back to grammar school! Basic dos and don’ts will have you writing like a seasoned pro in no time, as you discover the secrets to well written sentences and learn how to quickly organize your thoughts. Designed for the average person, it’s a must for everyone involved in business.

Career opportunities for computer support specialists continue to grow as businesses increasingly need help managing, upgrading, and customizing sophisticated computer systems. This valuable course provides professional training in successful communication for project and people management within the IT industry.

This course covers all aspects of power communication from understanding theory to conflict resolution and presentation styles. Included are scenarios that show how effective communication becomes a key advantage in today’s IT environment. This translates into a need for IT specialists who can effectively communicate and help organizations implement and manage technology with employees, clients, and consumers. This course is a must for any technology specialist.

Although technology has made communication faster and more global, there is still nothing more important than the ability to listen, speak and write with ease and confidence. Whether it’s talking with a co-worker or addressing an audience of hundreds, expressing our ideas clearly is one of the most valuable advantages we can have in the career world. Good communicators have the power to share their ideas, persuade others and get noticed. This course teaches the techniques and provides tips and suggestions for becoming a powerful communicator.

This course offers students a chance to develop their communication skills in all types of relationships. A series of scenarios describe typical conflicts between friends, siblings, parents and children and an employee and boss. A leading psychologist helps participants understand the scenarios by showing how maximizing communication, listening and mediation skills can help to resolve most conflicts. Students take turns figuring out what they would do to enhance the communication and resolve the conflict for each situation.

Effective criticism made easy. Criticism is an essential component of growth and improvement. Learn to give and take criticism in ways that benefit the individuals involved, as well as your organization. This course will take you through a three step formula for successful criticism. Use these lessons to establish a spirit of cooperation and growth, and create a more effective organization.

There’s no escaping conflict in the workplace, at home or with your personal relationships. Whenever diverse individuals work together, there are bound to be differences of opinion, miscommunication, and unwelcome criticism – even out-and-out confrontations. In this solution-based interactive desktop media, you’ll find proven tactics to help you defuse volatile situations and remain in control when tempers flare and emotions overheat.

Exercises and assessments let you practice your own conflict resolution skills, and check your progress along the way. This training program delivers an array of tools, techniques and strategies to help you resolve differences fairly and honestly, without causing frustration, anger or resentment. Solutions for solving all kinds of people problems – perfect for teams!

Most of us go out of our way to avoid disagreements, instead of trying to manage them. Yet effectively managing disagreements can be one of the most important supervisory and managerial skills. In this program, users can take a sophisticated assessment of their own conflict management style, learn the nine ways to approach and deal with disagreements and see examples of each of these styles illustrated in dramatic vignettes.

Communication is more difficult in today’s fast-paced technological world. It takes special skills to get people to listen to you – skills you will learn in this interactive media presentation. This dynamic course will help you identify the key elements of communication and learn specific techniques for improving. Send a clear message, be a powerful communicator and problem solver.

No matter what your role, the power and impact of a clear, persuasive presentation style is your most effective business ally... whether you’re in front of one or 100 people. Learn to skillfully present your ideas with impact and confidence. This course is a truly innovative, practical approach to mastering the fundamentals of presentations. Present with confidence, you can do it!

Communication is perhaps the most fundamental business skill of all. The Art of Communication training program will bring out the natural communicator in you. Learn to write compelling business documents, deliver show-stopping presentations, and conduct productive meetings. Discover new brainstorming techniques and find ways to turn on your natural creativity.

We ensure the right training solutions for your needs.

In pre-training assessments, WATMEC establishes measurable learning outcomes, to ensure the ‘right fit’. For example, while e-learning is ideal for knowledge transfer, there are skill-building limitations. E-learning will help you write better presentations and learn the correct way to deliver presentations. But to improve presentation skills, you need to make presentations in a classroom, in order to receive feedback from the facilitator and group.

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