Customer Service - Individual E-Learning Programs

The following programs are created as concentrated learning on each of these topics. Each topic has been designed in 15 to 20 minute modules to allow you to fit the learning into your busy lifestyle. You can start at any point, review, and return to any point to continue. You have access to the material for 12 full months, and once you complete the test at the end of the program you may print out your Certification of Completion.

Pricing is presented for single seats. Please call 1-800-265-9726 for full course details and group rates.

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Smart business people know that your options to stand out from the competition are limited. Cut prices? Not very profitable. Improve product quality? Certainly, but that can take substantial time and money. The fastest, most cost-effective way to differentiate yourself is to focus on your service. Customer service can no longer be merely average or simply friendly; it needs to be remarkable. Here’s your opportunity to make that happen for your team.


Some people claim that taking customer service to the next level is complex. Jeff Mowatt disagrees. That’s why he calls his seminar, Influence with ease. Jeff reveals easy-to-apply tips that generate significant results including:

  • Strengthen customer loyalty.
  • Increase spending per customer.
  • Recharge customer service teamwork.

In this on-demand video seminar, Jeff reveals how to:

  • Enhance people’s perception of you by 12% by using a two word phrase more often (hint: it’s not please or thank you).
  • Increase revenues by 16% by asking a considerate six word question.
  • Prevent customers from defecting just to save a few dollars.
  • Reduce your customers’ buying choices, and increase purchases by 7 fold.
  • Position your ideas, products, and services so that people select higher value options.
  • Meet and exceed the 7 top customer expectations.
  • Connect with clients at a deeper level by expressing your ‘grand intention’.
  • Use the most prevalent shift in buying behaviors to boost your business.
  • Avoid 5 common expressions that unwittingly raise skepticism in others.
  • Tap the ‘humility advantage’ to influence without pushiness.
  • Convert an upset person into an advocate of your services.
  • Ensure that social media messages about you and your organization strengthen rather than damage your brand.
  • Move beyond repeat business to create loyalty (there is a difference).
  • Prevent miscommunications that lead to stress and work overload.
  • Boost communication skills both at work and in your personal life.
  • Recharge your spirit and brighten your interactions with others.

We ensure the right training solutions for your needs

In pre-training assessments, WATMEC establishes measurable learning outcomes, to ensure the ‘right fit’. For example, while e-learning is ideal for knowledge transfer, there are skill-building limitations. E-learning will help you write better presentations and learn the correct way to deliver presentations. But to improve presentation skills, you need to make presentations in a classroom, in order to receive feedback from the facilitator and group.

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