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Making the new learning stick with Habit Builder

You make big investments in training and developing your people – but what happens when a session is over? How will you know if your employees are applying what they’ve learned in their day-to-day? In the hustle of daily activities, it’s easy for your employees to fall back on old habits and behaviours.

Our 30-day Habit Builder harnesses the research from top behavioural scientists like BJ Fogg and Charles Duhigg to bridge the gap between learning new skills and establishing lasting habits, creating a window of visibility into how new behaviours are becoming embedded in your organization.

When individuals embrace new behaviours, you start to see real return on your investment in their development, achieving better results in the process.

Small behaviour changes combine into powerful organizational change

With Habit Builder, the key is to enable individuals to integrate one small behaviour change into their daily activities, while gaining visibility into what’s happening so that you can monitor progress. Here’s how it works:

Following a session, participants are invited to commit to developing one small new habit over the next 30 days, and enter it into the Habit Builder. Participants are then prompted to check in regularly on their progress, on a scale of 1 to 10, towards creating a new habit. Participants also have the opportunity to reflect on their progress through journal entries.

Setting up for success: to stay engaged and accountable, participants have the option of selecting an “Accountability Buddy” – a colleague, boss, mentor, or friend – who can see their progress in the platform, and offer them encouragement and congratulations as they develop their new habit.

How choosing an “Accountability Buddy” increases the likelihood of implementing a concept*:

* Data from 2009 Global Study conducted by the American Society of Training & Development

Throughout the month, you have access to data that shows levels of activity and monitors progress. At the end of the month, a full report is generated, which shows how new behaviours have been created in the organization as a result of the session, and helps you decide on next steps.

The Technology

The technology that supports and facilitates individual commitments to behaviour change is web-based, and easy to use. Participants "check in" on their behaviour change progress in as few as two clicks per day.

Participants can choose when and how they receive notifications, select an “Accountability Buddy” to keep them on track, and write brief journal entries about their progress.

Throughout the process, you have access to data about what is happening within the organization, which promotes targeted coaching conversations when there are pockets of resistance, and allows you to amplify bright spots where individuals are embracing change.

Building new habits can create significant change in your organization

Whether starting with a WATMEC learning program or one of your own, if you want training transfer and new habits built as a result of the learning, Habit Builder is the answer. It helps teams embrace the behaviours needed to achieve business outcomes, and turns those behaviours into lasting habits.

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