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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training

Learning Snippets is a microlearning platform for building inclusive behaviours. By fusing insights from industry leaders with an innovative scientifically-proven approach to training, Learning Snippets can permanently change your employees’ behaviours, your culture, and your brand for the better.

What makes Learning Snippets different?

Learning Snippets brings a team of leading social psychologists, learning specialists, researchers and creative designers to the table. To ensure the training is effective and comprehensive, they work with a variety of subject matter experts to validate the content, to offer learning that drives lasting behavioural change.

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Spaced microlearning is more effective and longer-lasting than traditional in-person or online training. Consequential reasoning and critical thinking are the core of each scenario, for a more meaningful learning experience.

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The program is designed to encourage real behavioural change. Each Snippet is built on recent, proven science concerning the knowledge, skills and motivation that make it possible to support inclusive behaviours.

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Each scenario-based lesson can be completed in 2 minutes or less. Employees are motivated by the short time commitment, and don’t get overwhelmed or intimidated as they might by traditional lengthy learning sessions.

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Employees can use any device – a laptop, tablet, or smartphone – to complete lessons on their own schedule, anywhere they can get online. They don’t have to sacrifice valuable working hours to complete a course.

Learning Snippets provides measurable and long lasting results

Finally move the needle when it comes to real behavioural change. 100% of Learning Snippets users report a greater understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion issues and 75% say they’ll now take action to change their behaviours.

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Measurable Change

The DEI diagnostic tool and in-depth reporting make it easy to monitor engagement and quantify progress.

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Affordable at Scale

Drive real cultural change using cost-effective tools, increasing your competitive edge in the market.

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Tools for Success

Access DEI resources and experts for support, and feel confident leading the charge on diversity and inclusion.

  • Lessons take 2 minutes to complete and can be completed at any time
  • No installs or special software required – people receive lesson emails and complete lessons online
  • Learning can be done on any device, anywhere with internet access
  • Scenario-based lessons require reasoning and critical thinking, not just clicking and guesswork
  • Spaced learning inserts pauses between scenarios, providing time for people to refect on and apply what they’ve learned
  • Behavourial nudges provide quick reminders that can be easily integrated into employees’ work
  • Relevant, meaningful reports help people see their progress, and help administrators identify areas for further improvement

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