There are many tips and tricks out there on how to become successful. However, understanding what you shouldn’t be doing is just as important as understanding what you should be doing. Your efforts will be worthless if something is constantly holding you back. Here we present 10 time-wasting habits that are keeping you from success.

1. Taking shortcuts

When working on a difficult or boring task, the temptation to take a shortcut will always be there. However, you should remember that shortcuts are based on laziness and ignorance. If you’re taking a short cut, you’re never going to be learning or experiencing as much as you could be. Most of the time you take a shortcut, the quality of your work will drop significantly. In this case you’ll find yourself doing the task all over again because you didn’t produce the outcome that was expected.

2. Surrounding yourself with wrong people

Negative people, a.k.a. naysayers, will suck the energy and motivation out of you. Take some time to consider who you’re hanging out with. If they are always thinking with the ‘glass half-empty,’ you may want to analyse how this could be affecting the way you think and whether it’s good or bad for you as an individual. Surrounding yourself with positive people who have similar goals and ambitions, will enable you to bring up ideas and topics of conversation that will motivate and encourage you to think about the important things in your life.

3. Second-guessing

Second-guessing your every decision can be exhausting and time-consuming. However, don’t get this confused with taking time to evaluate your options. Second-guessing is an act that carries self-doubt and negativity. Overthinking your decisions distracts you from your main goal and more importantly wastes valuable time where you can learn from experience. You shouldn’t be afraid of failures because it’s better to fail than waste your time and make no progress. Generally speaking: failures give you knowledge, standing in one place gives you nothing.

4. Spending too much time on regrets

As mentioned above, every failure is an experience which is useful for you. Dwelling on regrets takes you nowhere, it just wastes your time. Your main focus should always be on the future, not the past. Try to turn these regrets into lessons for the future. All in all, there is no time for thinking about regrets, only for learning from your lessons and moving on.

5. Underestimating the effort needed to achieve success

‘You only have to be right once to achieve great success.’ A quote endorsed by many entrepreneurs throughout history. With this in mind, its crucial we don’t forget about how many mistakes we made in order to reach the correct answer. Use this collection of errors to remind yourself just how much you’ve worked and how much you should be working on achieving/ maintaining your goals.

6. Ignorance

Thinking you know everything is a direct route to failure. There’s always something new to learn. If you want to succeed at something, you should be consistently educating yourself about how to stay ahead of your competition. “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Mahatma Gandhi.

7. Failing daily goals

Big victories are achieved by the accumulation of small victories. If you are constantly abandoning your daily goals and leaving everything for tomorrow, there is no hope in achieving success. Therefore, every single day counts. If you have a deadline for today, but you procrastinate and justify a way to extend that same deadline to tomorrow or next week, all you’re doing is wasting valuable time. You’re allowing your competition to get ahead. Remember, as you’re failing to meet your deadlines, someone else is succeeding to meet theirs. Let this fact give you the motivation to complete your daily goals.

8. Envy

While you may wish you were wealthy and known by many people, you shouldn’t be envious of those who are better off. Being envious is a habit that holds no positive aspect and is usually based only on what you see. For example, a person may possess wealth and fame but have nobody to share it with. Instead of being envious of others, you should look to them for knowledge. Have an understanding on how they have become so successful and apply what you have learned to your own career path.

9. Equating success with money

Looking back at the foundation of modern civilization, wealth has always come hand-in-hand with success in the majority of people’s eyes. But money is just a material object, not a feeling or an experience. Thus, tons of money will never be a substitute to the emotions involved with winning something or becoming the best in a professional field. Many people waste their time on getting rich rather than following what they are passionate about, hence never obtaining true success.

10. Trying to do everything yourself

You’ve definitely seen some stories of people becoming successful on their own. However, media usually presents unique stories, which in reality only happen one in a million times. Your best chance of achieving something is to work in a team, whether it’s at the office, playing a sport or enjoying a hobby. Many have failed due to the fact that they could only play as an individual rather than as part of a team. To learn that you can’t do everything by yourself is crucial in taking the next step toward becoming successful.

Try to overcome these bad habits and success may be right around the corner.

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