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How to Accelerate Your Team’s Productivity

by Laura Stack Berrett-Koehler Publishers BK Blog

In July 2015, I was honored to be inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame by the National Speakers Association. To celebrate, my husband surprised me with a brand-new red convertible 650hp Z06 Corvette loaded with all the options, including a black racing stripe. She was a dream come true. There was just one problem – I had no idea how to drive her.

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To Persuade More Effectively, Pre-suade First

by Robert B. Cialdini Chief Learning Officer Today

Researchers like me have long studied how best to persuade. We’ve learned a lot over the years about which elements to build into a message and which psychological strings to strum with that message to elevate its success. But, recently, we’ve begun to realize that by focusing so intently on the message, we’ve missed a crucial component of the process.

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Eight Tips to Help You Be More Resilient

by Meg Jay Ideas at

Clinical psychologist Meg Jay doesn’t like the idea of bouncing back from adversity. “People do not feel understood when someone says, ‘Wow, you really bounced back from that.’ They don’t feel seen in all of their complexity, in terms of how hard it can be,’” she says. Instead, Jay likes to describe resilience as a heroic struggle – an ongoing process that can last for years.

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January 15, 2019 by Dale Wilcox

Many of the larger training and assessment providers have pulled together year end data, and published their predictions for 2019. It may surprise you how many predict that “soft skills”...

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