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How to Win Arguments Without Making Enemies

by Geoffrey James

Arguments are inevitable in human endeavors. Unfortunately, few people know how to argue effectively. As a result, many business meetings waste time and money in pointless squabbling. When confronted with a contrary opinion, unsophisticated people tend attack the other person’s credibility. This never wins an argument.

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10 Design Thinking Tools

by Jeanne Liedtka Human Capital Media

Visualization is not about drawing; it’s about visual thinking. It is a way of unlocking a different part of our brains that allows us to think nonverbally and that managers might not normally use. When you explain an idea using words, people will form their own mental pictures. If instead you present your idea visually, you reduce the possibility of unmatched mental models.

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Teamwork Tips & Techniques

from the desk of Dale Wilcox

We all know that teamwork is a good thing. Effective teams can learn from each other and build off of each others strengths, which means that work gets done faster, and projects are completed more effectively – often with a more innovative result. When employees know how to work together as a team, it also promotes better work relationships in general.

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It’s Still a People-First World

January 15, 2019 by Dale Wilcox

Many of the larger training and assessment providers have pulled together year end data, and published their predictions for 2019. It may surprise you how many predict that “soft skills”...

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