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Management Minute - January 2020 (noun)

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6 Ways to Bring out the Natural Creativity in Others

by Rochael Adranly IDEO U Blog

As a lawyer, Rochael Adranly is used to people thinking she must not be very creative. But she’s the perfect reminder that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Rochael is an IDEO partner – but also a DJ, photographer and restaurant owner – and she has a unique approach to helping others to open their minds.

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How to Fix Leadership Development, 2020

by Bill Jensen Linked in Pulse

Leadership matters. And the coming decade will put every leader through constant stress tests. After selecting individuals with the required drive, passion, and vision, how do we further develop leaders for the new future of work and business? Leaders who can lead and coach others in the art and discipline of doing less and accomplishing more.

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Three Tools to Go The Distance

by Rachel Clark Synergy Business Coaching

Competitions date back to the beginning of time. Lets be honest, we as humans want to know the best and for those that are inspired by it, what to strive for. Whether you are gearing up for your biggest revenue year, marketing a new service, expanding your plant or hiring a new team, going the distance takes three key skills.

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