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Management Minute - February 2020 (noun)

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Design thinking, explained

by Rebecca Linke MIT Sloan School of Management

Creative brainstorming is necessary for developing possible solutions, but many people don’t do it particularly well. It is critical to engage in modeling, analysis, prototyping, and testing, and to learn from these many iterations. Once you master the skills central to the “design thinking” approach, they can be applied to solve problems in daily life and any industry.

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Steps Leaders Should Take to Prepare for Difficult Conversations

by Linda Finkle Incedo Group

Few people enjoy having difficult conversations. For leaders reviewing performance of a team member that is performing sub par, this conversation can be especially daunting. While there is no way to remove the discomfort, there are ways to help these talks go as smoothly as possible.

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6 Tips to Build Your Influence and Get Your Ideas Heard

by Jennifer McClure Linked in Talent Blog

If you’re a leader of people in your organization, your role provides huge opportunities for you to step up and drive business growth. And they need you to share your ideas and expertise in order to successfully navigate the challenges that lie ahead. Try these 3 do’s and 3 don’ts to increase your influence.

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