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Management Minute - June 2020 (noun)

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How to Keep a Calm Mind During Anxious Times

by Elise Schoening Successful Meetings Tip of The Day

The coronavirus crisis has upended life as we knew it. Everyone has been affected in some way, whether it is dealing with the loss of a loved one, struggling with unemployment or trying to adjust to life during stay-at-home orders. Not surprisingly, many people’s anxiety has increased. Author David Romanelli offers tips for navigating this trying time with a sense of calm.

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5 Things Bosses Should Never Say During A Crisis

by Stephanie Burns Forbes Careers Leadership Newsletter

Knowing what to say in a difficult situation is hard for anyone, and especially hard for leaders who are trying to navigate stormy waters with a team in tow. However, knowing what not to say is just as difficult. Here are five tips to help you better communicate with your team.

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