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Management Minute - August 2020 (noun)

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Need a New Plan for the Next 18 Months?

by David Witt The Ken Blanchard Companies

In today’s topsy-turvy world, we all need clear goals, an accurate assessment of where we are right now, and a plan to move forward, says master certified coach Madeleine Blanchard. But that’s a real challenge these days, when everyone’s life has been turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic. When setting goals, Blanchard suggests a three-step formula.

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Mindfulness in the Workplace: Passing Trend or Secret Weapon?

by Stephen Meyer Rapid Learning

You’ve no doubt heard of the supposed power of “mindfulness” – and you’d be forgiven for being skeptical about its seemingly endless array of benefits. But there is a growing body of research that demonstrates that the effects of mindfulness aren’t just wishful thinking.

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The Best Way to Organize Your To-Dos

by Justin Hale VitalSmarts, Crucial Skills Blog

Many people find relief from clearing their minds. But then over time some of their stress returns. Why? Because they get those items off their minds only to turn them into big long lists. Yet it’s not the size of the list that is the source of stress. It’s actually the nature of the to-dos and the way they’re organized. Follow these tips to feel more organized, procrastinate less, and save time.

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