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Management Minute - November 2020 (noun)

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Good Leadership Is an Act of Kindness

by Boris Groysberg and Susan Seligson
Harvard Business School Working Knowledge

The pandemic has challenged managers as never before, but one powerful leadership strategy is being overlooked, say Boris Groysberg and Susan Seligson: Be kind. A little reassurance, compassionate listening, a conscious effort to validate people's fear and confusion all go a long way.

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Patrick Lencioni: A Good Time For Quiet Contemplation

by Patrick Lencioni Chief Executive Magazine

Imagine there was an activity that every CEO agreed was critical to maximizing their success and that almost none of them did. And imagine that this activity cost absolutely nothing, took just 10 to 15 minutes per day, and brought about obvious and even immediate benefits.

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Top 10 Stress-Relieving Tips

by Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research
Everyday Health Enewsletter

It's a hectic time of year. Are everyday concerns and strains getting the better of you? Take a deep breath and read on. When stress goes unmanaged, it can harm your health and reduce your quality of life. Gain control with these stress-reducing suggestions this holiday season – and all year long.

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