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Management Minute - June 2021

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Your Workload Is Increasing – Adopt This Simple Principle

by Anne SugarForbes Daily Dozen Newsletter

Chances are, you are being pushed to get more done in a short amount of time. Find your workload increasing and your time growing short? Adopt the adage of “good enough.” This may look different for each deliverable. Here are four ideas on how you can add more "good enough" into your daily workstream.

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What to Do When Employees Don’t Respond to Feedback

by Scott Robley VitalSmarts “Crucial Skills” Newsletter

We’ve all worked with people who don’t respond to feedback. And we’ve probably all experienced how difficult it can be to receive feedback. While you can’t force someone to engage in feedback, you can look for opportunities to encourage productive responses. Here are a few suggestions.

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Empathetic leadership: It only works when employees believe it’s real

by Dave ClemensRapid Learning Institute Leadership Blog

Leaders frequently hear that it’s important to show empathy with the employees who report to them. But if you express your empathy the wrong way, you can inadvertently make things worse. Choose your words carelessly, and you risk giving the impression that you’re talking empathy without feeling it.

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