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Management Minute - February 2024

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Restart Your Goals

4 Ways to Reset New Year’s Goals

by Korn Ferry Institute This Week In Leadership Newsletter

New Year’s resolutions are popular. They are usually made with optimism and resolve, and initially appear entirely within reach! However, as the year progresses, many individuals find themselves losing steam in pursuit of these aspirations. In a timely This Week in Leadership article, Korn Ferry experts suggest ways to recalibrate these goals to achieve real career success.

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Mastering Your EI

Mastering Emotional Intelligence: Strategies for Business Leaders

by Ann Flannigan Petry
WSB Center for Professional & Executive Development

Emotional intelligence plays a pivotal role in effective leadership, helping leaders make good decisions, build relationships, and navigate challenges. Renowned expert Anne Flannigan Petry offers valuable advice to enhance YOUR emotional intelligence.

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Being Your True Self

These Examples of Authentic Leaders Teach How to Lead by Being True to Yourself

by Joanie Connell

Authenticity goes beyond honesty, demanding self-awareness and adherence to personal principles, all of which are essential to become a distinguished leader within your organization. Discover insights on authenticity in leadership and ways to integrate it into your daily life in a recent article.

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