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Decision Making Strategies for Success

by Jae-ann Rock Mentor Tech Group

The number one reason for not accomplishing success in life is indecision and procrastination. Which is exactly why the ability to make decisions is a critical attribute of most successful business people. But, how do successful leaders avoid common decision traps of “analysis paralysis,” or fear of making the WRONG decision which can result in NO decision at all?

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Why ideas matter now more than ever

by Chris Anderson

I’m a Brit. But also a global soul. It’s a core part of my identity. Last week’s Brexit vote made me feel as if my heart was being ripped out; as if an idea I believed in to my core was being trampled on.

For the past few years, a lot of us have wanted to believe that most humans were gradually expanding their circle of empathy. That instead of our instinctive “us/them” labels, we have...

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Six Values Millennials Look for in an Employer


As millennials flood the workforce, companies are seeing a massive drop in employee engagement - the lowest it’s been almost a decade. Why? Twenty-first century employees have shorter attention spans, they consume content all-the-time and on-the-go, and most importantly, won’t hesitate to leave an employer they’re dissatisfied with. In fact, 60% of millennials stay at a job for less than three years - and replacing them costs companies billions annually.

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Leaders, Here’s to Not Being Normal

by Peter Langton Chief Learning Officer

Transitioning from individual contributor to leadership success is not an ordinary road to travel. But successful leaders aren’t normal, and that’s a good thing.

Leadership success is about acting and reacting unlike the crowd. Leaders must have direct and sometimes uncomfortable conversations. They must make decisions and not just react or editorialize about other’ decisions.

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It’s Still a People-First World

January 15, 2019 by Dale Wilcox

Many of the larger training and assessment providers have pulled together year end data, and published their predictions for 2019. It may surprise you how many predict that “soft skills”...

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