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Leaders Need Creativity To Lead

by Mike Davies Chief Learning Officer

At first glance, business acumen and creativity are traits that don’t appear to correlate. One is orderly and logical while the other is unrestrained and untameable.

In the February 5, 2016 edition of Chief Learning Officer TODAY, Mike Davies tells us it actually takes creativity to lead, and that if blended in the right way, leadership and creativity can be a potent mix for any company.

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Be a Chief Inspiration Officer

by Josh Bersin Chief Learning Officer

It’s difficult to attract great people if you’re not focused on building an attractive culture, improving your employment brand and making your company a great place to work. The June 2015 issue of Chief Learning Officer magazine, author Josh Bersin explains that the majority of companies are worried about leadership gaps, skills gaps, and the state of their learning and development.

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Six Habits of Successful Managers

by Karen Burke Profiles International

Managing successfully is not just about numbers; it’s about people. While statistics and key performance indicators are important metrics, successful managers understand that meeting them is made possible by empowering the team. In a blog posted November 2nd, Karen Burke outlines six habits that will contribute to the success of each individual on a team, the team as a whole, and the manager themselves.

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Evolution: From Manager to Leader

by Brady Mick Talent Management

Managers don’t wake up on Monday morning and become leaders. It’s an evolutionary process. Yes, some are natural leaders. But others need time to develop techniques and skills to transform from order-givers to true leaders. In Evolution: From Manager to Leader, posted on Talent Management’s website in June 2014, Brady Mick tells us the leader-to-manager process can be broken down into six stages.

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