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WATMEC’s virtual classrooms are live, dynamic, and provide the benefits of face-to-face training without the drawbacks. Employee training participants still get to interact with peers and online instructors in real time, making the virtual classroom the ideal solution for those who wish to make the switch to online learning without sacrificing employee engagement. WATMEC’s team of facilitators, trainers, consultants and coaches offer a variety of relevant, effective learning options for the virtual classroom.

Agile Learning Program Highlights

Agile methodologies – which are a progressive alternative to traditional management styles – are now being seen in use across a wide variety of industries. These virtual classes will show you how to utilize the benefits of agile to help increase team productivity and satisfaction.


An in-depth course suitable for both novices and experienced people who need to manage and communicate requirements for Agile projects.

Business analysis professionals sometimes find themselves on Agile development teams only to discover that many of the tools and techniques no longer work effectively. Project success is dependent on how effectively you manage change. In this course you will learn to understand and apply proven business analysis techniques within the context of an Agile software development project, and to apply Agile techniques within the context of business analysis.


  • Explain the business case for Agile development.
  • Explain how Agile projects can benefit from a business analysis approach.
  • Conduct the business analysis activities that occur before an Agile project is launched.
  • Apply UML modeling techniques to define the solution scope of an Agile project.
  • Apply Agile and business analysis best practices to elicit, analyze and communicate requirements.
  • Lead an Agile requirements workshop.
  • Participate in Agile best practices like a daily scrum, sprint planning and leading a retrospective.
  • Manage a product backlog.
  • Guide the users through iterative product evaluations.
  • Establish post-project assessments to ensure that the product continues to meet the business objectives.

This course will teach the new product owner how to envision a product and drive out good requirements that can be prioritized to reduce project risk and maximize return on investment.

The course will start from the beginning of a business need and drive the project and backlog of work starting from scratch. Vertical slicing, prioritization, estimation and right-sizing requirements will be thoroughly practiced through a series of exercises. Common pitfalls and techniques to avoid them will be explored with multiple hands-on exercises.


  • Envision a product and drive out good requirements that can be prioritized to reduce project risk and maximize return on investment.
  • Derive the project vision, roadmap, release plan, and sprint-ready requirements in the form of user stories.
  • Be effective and maximize ROI for an agile Scrum project.

A hands-on simulation of an Agile Scrum sprint built for the beginner or intermediate agile team. The entire Scrum team (Product Owner, Scrum Master, Business Analyst, Developer, and Tester) or those who need to interact with the Scrum team should attend.

This workshop utilizes an emersion learning approach, along with role playing, to allow students to practice the techniques as they learn. Students will experience what a project that is fully leveraging agile concepts and culture looks and feels like. This allows them to better understand their role on the team and appreciate their team member’s contributions.


  • Utilize "real-life" product/project during the workshop exercises.
  • Learn the tricks of high-performing Scrum teams.
  • Experience an end-to-end Scrum process (while performing the 5 Scrum ceremonies).
  • Understand each of the individual roles on a scrum team, and how to work collaboratively as part of the team.
  • Define the Product Backlog (with User Stories) and develop a Release Plan for the entire product/project.
  • Use Planning Poker to develop estimates (Course- and Fine-grain).
  • Define and assign tasks for the 1st Sprint.
  • Learn how to handle unplanned interruptions.

An extremely in-depth course that explores how adapting Agile values and principles will improve product development within an enterprise.

Several recent surveys show that Agile is more widespread and effective than structured approaches. Recognizing these trends, the IIBA has produced an Agile Extension to its Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® and is proposing a perspective related to Agile in conjunction with the draft BABOK v3.0 in progress. PMI has developed a new certificate called the Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP). The course is aligned with both organizations.

This class contrasts traditional SDLC methods with the most popular Agile methods to set the stage for benchmarking performance, then it introduces a comprehensive set of Agile techniques and practices, and gives attendees the opportunity to simulate an end-to-end project while using them. Attendees discuss significant issues such as how to transition traditional IT roles (development, business analysis, testing and project management), and how to work with new roles (ScrumMaster and Product Owner). The class will also discuss the organizational, cultural and management implications of implementing Agile practices.

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