Virtual Training - Supervision

WATMEC Live Virtual Training Programs

WATMEC’s virtual classrooms are live, dynamic, and provide the benefits of face-to-face training without the drawbacks. Employee training participants still get to interact with peers and online instructors in real time, making the virtual classroom the ideal solution for those who wish to make the switch to online learning without sacrificing employee engagement. WATMEC’s team of facilitators, trainers, consultants and coaches offer a variety of relevant, effective learning options for the virtual classroom.

Supervision Program Highlights

Managing conflict, handling grievances, taking corrective action, dealing with absenteeism, or conducting strong performance reviews. These virtual courses will help you acquire the tools required to effectively supervise your team, to build your personal confidence and earn trust and respect of your team.


Learn to unlock the potential of your staff, to motivate them and bring them together to achieve great results. Acquire the tools to build your personal confidence, communicate clearly and earn the trust and respect essential to efficiently run your team on a daily basis. You will explore awareness of your strengths and areas to develop; how to delegate clear directions and set firm boundaries, how to analyze and resolve performance problems, facilitate focused meetings, gain buy-in to change and generally build a high performance team.

This program combines hands-on training solutions with professional coaching to ensure that the skills learned are applied on the job. Skills will include behavioural interviewing, how to handle grievances, take corrective action, deal with absenteeism, manage conflict and conduct strong performance reviews. Communication and listening skills will help you utilize your resources more efficiently and effectively. Finally we will help you develop a customized action plan to fit your needs.

Assessing your strengths and style as a leader, you will map out strategies to allow a smooth transition from team member to lead hand. Identifying the strengths of your team members so you can best leverage each of their capabilities will help you form your new team. Learn to coach, motivate and build a strong team. Add to your success with core and advanced communication skills which include questioning techniques and giving constructive feedback.

WATMEC will ensure the ‘right fit’ for your virtual training

Prior to delivering your training we establish both measurable learning outcomes and the best delivery method. This includes understanding your organization’s technical resources and working with them to deliver the most impactful learning.

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Other Online Training Services


Do you need help creating orientation webinars, or webinars in different languages, or simply webinars that will teach content to your staff? WATMEC has experienced facilitators, designers, content developers and technicians to get the job done right. Call or email to learn more.

Virtual Mentoring

Is your team working remotely? Virtual mentoring allows you to provide the benefits of mentoring – advice, support and guidance – to anyone, at any time. Contact WATMEC and we will leverage our two decades of experience to help you set up an effective virtual mentoring program.

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