WATMEC offers three types of coaching experiences for both individuals and organizations:
  • Individual certified coaches
  • Coaching courses that will help managers coach their teams
  • Coach / Facilitators who will help to enhance e-learning solutions
WATMEC provides only experienced, certified coaches who have met our rigorous educational and practicum requirements, and adhere to strict ethical guidelines in their work.

Effective coaching moves your team forward

WATMEC’s One-on-One Certified Coaches offer solutions to meet your needs, whether you require help with:
  • Leadership development
  • Personal productivity
  • Entrepreneurial assistance
  • Group coaching for your team
WATMEC’s One-on-One Certified Coaches will help you move from where you are to where you want to be:
  • Each has an adaptable system to help you meet your goals.
  • Each has an intake process that helps them get to know you, and helps you self-identify your performance issues. Assessments are often used to enhance the process.
  • They ask in-depth questions that challenge you to think differently about your situation.
  • They offer observations, help you reflect, then refine your options before setting goals.
  • They help you clarify your goals and set reasonable timelines.
  • Through discussion, they help you uncover habits and traits that help or hinder your progress.
  • They hold you accountable, and help you celebrate your successes.
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In-Company Coaching Programs

To help leaders and managers to better coach their teams, WATMEC offers several in-company coaching programs, including:

Learn how to coach a group of individuals into a high performing team. Understand your leadership / coaching style, develop listening, feedback, engagement and conversational skills. Develop a coaching plan for each of your team members.

Learn a 5-step coaching model to maximize your coaching time with each team member to increase their engagement and performance.

Leaders today must know and use coaching skills. Through this program you will come to know and understand why is it such an important skill, and discover how to implement it in a performance review setting. Learn the four coaching tools: credibility, contracting, consequences and contact.

Learn a 5-step coaching model and a hands-on approach to maximizing coaching time with each of your team members. Focus will be on reinforcing winning behaviours and results, conducting corrective meetings and dealing with difficult coaching situations.

Learn how to implement best practices, evaluate major job performance factors, and leverage fundamental coaching tools to increase performance.

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