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A full service provider of people-centred training and development solutions

Having been founded in 1974, WATMEC is one of the industry’s longest-standing training and development firms. But we’re not living in the past. The evolution of our training methodology began almost immediately. Unsurpassed experience has allowed us to change with the industry – adapting to, and pushing for advancements in learning.

Over the years we’ve worked in every industry sector, public and not-for-profit. This allows us to bring best practices, examples and ideas from successful enterprises to the table, and cross-pollinate these ideas with an intimate understanding of your goals and objectives.

We are WATMEC. We know what it takes to make learning a success in your organization.

Our team turns training and development solutions into business results

The WATMEC team is comprised of learning strategists, facilitators, consultants, certified coaches, content subject experts, speakers and qualified program designers. With Accelerated Learning as our design model, WATMEC professionals work hard to ensure that learners fully grasp and can apply what they learn to their work, without delay. The goal is to give them the ability to perform their jobs better.

We’re known industry-wide for our high quality facilitators who are experts in their field. WATMEC’s facilitators have been pre-screened and their material vetted. They offer “real world” material, best practices, examples that have worked, relevant models and exchanges of innovative ideas.

One of my greatest joys is to pick up a business magazine or newspaper and read about the success of companies and individuals that we are working with.

Dale Wilcox, CTDP

President & Owner

I believe our industry and in turn our company has a key role to play in workplace learning. Through the development of staff companies become more efficient and successful. Successful companies lead to a strong economy and that in turn supports a government that can provide services to its people, and extend foreign aid to less fortunate countries.

Dale has dedicated her career to education, and helping both individuals and organizations achieve workplace excellence.

After many years with the Perth County Board of Education, Dale served as publisher of Exchange, a monthly business magazine for Waterloo Region. But after four short years, Dale discovered that instead of having ‘ink in her veins’, she had ‘business in her blood’.

Originally hired as general manager of WATMEC and becoming a familiar face in the industry, Dale took over as co-owner of WATMEC in 1991.

Dale is a long standing member, advisor, past board member, volunteer of the year, and inaugural Chair of the Canadian Society for Training and Development. In her capacity as Chair, Dale arranged for CSTD to become a global partner with the American Society for Training and Development – now the Association for Talent Development.

CSTD Member Spotlight - April 2015: Dale Wilcox - Click to Read

Dale Wilcox has more than 40 years experience serving on boards of directors:

  • Canadian Society for Training and Development
  • Chief Learning Officer Business Intelligence Board
  • FaithLife Financial
  • Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce
  • International Association of Accelerated Learning
  • Lutherwood
  • Women in Networking
  • Women’s Executive Forum of Waterloo Region

We know WATMEC has a reputation for providing effective training. But it takes great people who enjoy their work, having all the right tools and resources. And that doesn’t happen without a plan.

Russ Wilcox

VP Operations

Russ is WATMEC’s “inside man”, with purchasing, accounting, and personnel being among his many responsibilities. Additionally, Russ is Assessment Administrator of our affiliate, the Centre for Assessments.

Russ developed his business acumen during the many years serving as VP of Purchasing for an international manufacturing conglomerate. And his dedication to customer service became apparent as owner of a successful travel agency.

“We know that our facilitators and their abilities in the classroom play a major role in our success. But we also know the entire experience – from the time we answer your first phone call – has to be a consistent, value-added success in order for WATMEC to maintain our reputation for customer service,” says Russ.

Along with managing the “business side” of WATMEC, Russ also has volunteered for several groups as diverse as Christ Lutheran Church in Waterloo, Little Theatre, Power Squadron and the Masons.

WATMEC Facilitators

We are a group of contract trainers who work under the WATMEC banner. We all have adult education training, many of us with B.Ed.’s and CTDP designation. All of us have worked in our area of expertise, and carry the necessary designations for the content subject area. Each of us is passionate about developing staff and work hard to create engaging, practical, hands on programs that are timely and relevant for the participants.

As facilitators we align our work with the format of WATMEC’s Learning Plan, including involvement in developing the learning objectives, aligning the content to the business strategy, providing relevant, energizing materials in the classroom, and follow up programs to assure the transfer of the learning to the workplace.

To quote one of our facilitators, “As individuals each of us changes lives every day using our own gifts. That’s how much power we have. We need to continually ask, What have you done today to make this a better world?

Strategic Partnerships

As a full-service solutions provider dedicated to whole business education, WATMEC is constantly searching for “best in class” advances in learning. With that in mind, WATMEC has formed strategic partnerships with these industry-leading Canadian organizations.


Human Resources Specialists

Beyond Rewards offers human resources and risk management solutions, planning, strategy, and analysis. Their multi-disciplined team of human resources practitioners can provide your business with proactive, quantifiable practices and solutions in recruitment, return to work, AODA, EMS planning, health and safety, pandemic planning, risk management, harassment, business continuity, and more.

Shadowbox Learning

Learning Today for a Productive Future

Shadowbox Learning is WATMEC’s e-learning partner. Together we offer off-the-shelf courses in leadership, supervision, communication, and personal development. We also have blended solutions which weave together e-learning content, facilitator input and coaching follow-up. Shadowbox Learning also has the ability to create custom course content or provide translation services to fit your needs.


Developing The Skills for Success

Wiley is our go-to source for both hiring and DiSC personality assessments. This family-owned business is over 200 years old, but has earned a reputation for being on the cutting edge of new development - providing assessments and learning materials that help organizations find and retain top talent. WATMEC is proud to be Wiley’s award winning, authorized partner for both PXT Select and the Everything DiSC family of assessments.

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