Live Virtual Classroom Training

A one-of-a-kind connection in a digital world

Say the words “virtual training” and many will assume you mean webinars, pre-recorded videos and e-learning. That was yesterday.

Today’s virtual training is live, dynamic and equally as engaging as a face-to-face classroom.

WATMEC’s team of facilitators, trainers, consultants and coaches offer a variety of relevant, effective learning options for the virtual classroom.

WATMEC has always promoted innovations in learning. In fact, we’ve offered virtual training since the early 2000’s. Using technology to deliver people-centred training and development solutions… WATMEC knows what it takes to make learning a success in your organization.

Virtual training solutions. WATMEC offers a variety of courses in:

Agile Learning

Learn how to embrace agile methodologies to help increase team productivity and satisfaction.

Business Analysis

Understand the need for business analysis, and learn how to apply its theories to real world situations.


Learn to communicate with clarity, to foster better trust, collaboration, and stronger team relationships.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Learn to recognize unconscious bias, and then think beyond it to create a work culture of belonging.

Human Resources

Courses that cover subjects like reviews, discipline, recruitment, selection and employee retention.


Develop key management skills to enable you to become a self-aware and confident team leader.

Personal Development

Develop individual habits, behaviour, actions and reactions to help enhance your employability.

Project Management

Master time management, setting and prioritizing goals, and the tools needed to meet those goals.


Course offerings to help front-line staff, new lead hands and superstars in the making.

Virtual Team Building

Learn the specialized skills to manage, communicate with and motivate your virtual team.

WATMEC will ensure the ‘right fit’ for your virtual training

Prior to delivering your training we establish both measurable learning outcomes and the best delivery method. This includes understanding your organization’s technical resources and working with them to deliver the most impactful learning.

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