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WATMEC Live Virtual Training Programs

WATMEC’s virtual classrooms are live, dynamic, and provide the benefits of face-to-face training without the drawbacks. Employee training participants still get to interact with peers and online instructors in real time, making the virtual classroom the ideal solution for those who wish to make the switch to online learning without sacrificing employee engagement. WATMEC’s team of facilitators, trainers, consultants and coaches offer a variety of relevant, effective learning options for the virtual classroom.

Communication Program Highlights

Effective communication is one of the main building blocks for all successful organizations. These virtual training sessions are designed to help you learn to communicate with clarity, to nurture employee trust and collaboration, and ultimately develop stronger team relationships.


Develop an enhanced understanding of yours and others’ communication style using DiSC. Learn to ask questions, give feedback and influence others, while adapting to their style. Explore non-verbal communications, learn to say “no” and improve your listening skills.

How to talk so people will listen. How to listen so people will talk. With the intent of enhancing your speaking and listening capabilities, along with greater sensitivity and respect for others, you will increase your confidence and be able to express yourself more effectively and persuasively, leading to both personal and business success.

What is your personal listening style? Do you understand motivation, focus and mode? Are you into appreciative, empathic, comprehensive, discerning, or evaluative listening? Once you establish your mode, it is easy to apply this material to improve communication, team-building and productivity.

The typical manager spends 25-40% of their worktime dealing with situations involving conflict. In this program learn key skills to best manage situations before they escalate to conflict as well as how to deal with them in conflict.

Based on the DiSC Productive Conflict instrument, participants learn both about themselves and others in conflict situations. With that understanding learn strategies to shift approaches to create a more positive outcome.


  • Improve self-awareness around conflict behaviours.
  • Understand how their thoughts can impact their conflict behaviours.
  • Learn how to reframe their thoughts so they can choose more productive behaviours in conflict.
  • Develop a deep understanding of your own DiSC style in conflict.
  • Learn about the other DiSC styles.
  • Learn how automatic thoughts influence destructive behaviours.
  • Identify and understand destructive conflict behaviors that you use.
  • Recognize automatic thoughts that you typically have during conflict.
  • Practice catching and reframing automatic thoughts.
  • Learn a way to continue evaluating and improving conflict experiences.

Conflict is something few of us like to deal with, and yet unaddressed conflict can cost your organization significant time and money. Learn different ways to handle conflict, understand why conflict in the workplace happens and how you can address it quickly, respectfully and effectively. Learn some key ways to negotiate and achieve conflict resolution.

WATMEC will ensure the ‘right fit’ for your virtual training

Prior to delivering your training we establish both measurable learning outcomes and the best delivery method. This includes understanding your organization’s technical resources and working with them to deliver the most impactful learning.

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Other Online Training Services


Do you need help creating orientation webinars, or webinars in different languages, or simply webinars that will teach content to your staff? WATMEC has experienced facilitators, designers, content developers and technicians to get the job done right. Call or email to learn more.

Virtual Mentoring

Is your team working remotely? Virtual mentoring allows you to provide the benefits of mentoring – advice, support and guidance – to anyone, at any time. Contact WATMEC and we will leverage our two decades of experience to help you set up an effective virtual mentoring program.

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