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WATMEC’s virtual classrooms are live, dynamic, and provide the benefits of face-to-face training without the drawbacks. Employee training participants still get to interact with peers and online instructors in real time, making the virtual classroom the ideal solution for those who wish to make the switch to online learning without sacrificing employee engagement. WATMEC’s team of facilitators, trainers, consultants and coaches offer a variety of relevant, effective learning options for the virtual classroom.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Program Highlights

COVID has altered our economy permanently changing expectations around work/life balance. At the same time, growing calls for social justice are creating stresses and opportunities for employers to ensure all team members are feeling safe and included. WATMEC’s new Building Cultures of Belonging series has been created to help members of your organization start and maintain brave conversations about bias, inclusion, and belonging.

Each session in this series has been designed to build on the learning and knowledge gained from the previous session.


Up to 30 people | 2 hour facilitated conversation | Hosted through the tech platform of your choosing

Leaders who create cultures of belonging have skills (like harnessing productive conflict) and practical tools (like appropriate conversation starters) to help teams articulate needs, hopes and fears. While it is natural to shy away from hard conversations about equity, bias and racial tension, it is only through respectful and meaningful dialogue that teams can begin to connect over these challenging discussions. This session will help your team recognize the positive power of brave conversations, offer practical tools to facilitate discussions and celebrate the learning that happens through them.


  • Why safe spaces need brave spaces.
  • An increased understanding of what equity means and how it impacts your bottom line and productivity.
  • Understanding the power of brave conversations and strategies to create them.

Up to 30 people | 2 hour facilitated conversation | Hosted through the tech platform of your choosing

While the word bias is used a lot, many of us do not fully understand what it is or the hidden impact it has on every aspect of our lives. In professional settings, bias can be a barrier to individual and corporate growth and can alienate employees and customers… without us ever knowing! And yet, bias is just the beginning of the conversation around creating a culture of belonging. During this session we will acknowledge the power that bias holds, the blind spots it causes and how individuals and teams can think beyond it.


  • An understanding of how unconscious bias operates in all our lives.
  • How systems of oppression were created and continue to operate in our society and organizations.
  • Learning about social identity and social location.
  • How behaviors impact trust, communication and productivity.

Up to 30 people | 2 hour facilitated conversation | Hosted through the tech platform of your choosing

An organization is only as strong as its culture and building that culture is not just the responsibility of Human Resources. In fact, building a culture of inclusion is a responsibility of every manager and employee. And not just because it is ‘the right thing to do’. We know that true collaboration cannot happen without open honest conversation and acceptance. This session will practically support your team with insights and tools to cultivate a safe, caring and inclusive culture while promoting dignity, trust respect and belonging.


  • Why inclusion matters and how it can be measured.
  • Raise employee awareness of unconscious biases and their impact on hiring, promotion, teamwork and personal interactions.
  • Strategies to create a safe, caring and inclusive environment grounded in dignity, trust, respect and belonging.

A customized 45-min session for your leadership team lead by a WATMEC facilitator

This session is designed to share insights we gained from spending time with your team. After answering your questions, WATMEC will offer 3 clear recommendations for next steps on your journey toward building a culture of belonging. We will also review feedback from your customized staff survey and its impact on your HR goals that might include hiring and promotion, new mentoring programs and goal setting for leadership roles.


  • Insights into how your staff are feeling around the word ‘belonging’ and the impact it may be having on your output.
  • Clear SMART goal your team can take to continue toward building a culture grounded in dignity, trust respect and belonging.

WATMEC will ensure the ‘right fit’ for your virtual training

Prior to delivering your training we establish both measurable learning outcomes and the best delivery method. This includes understanding your organization’s technical resources and working with them to deliver the most impactful learning.

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