Training to fit an ever-evolving work culture

At Waterloo Management Education Centre (WATMEC), we believe that learning is about modifying behaviour, developing new habits and taking action to change results. We believe that hiring the right people for your culture and mission, then training and continuously upskilling leads to engaged, enthusiastic employees who will help an organization grow, survive and thrive in difficult times.

Today, the demands of the new work culture are requiring many training managers to do more with less, while being faced with greater challenges than ever. This environment calls for a whole category of training with specific topics such as:

  • Negotiating clear performance objectives
  • Developing trust and accountability in your teams
  • Increasing communication skills as you lead your remote teams
  • Growing your adaptability and resiliency skills
  • Creating a new environment of diversity, equity and belonging
  • Managing stress, and work-life balance for you and your team

WATMEC has solutions to meet each of these challenges and we are ready to work with you – using the latest assessments, coaching, training tools and strategies – to help your company reach new levels of success.

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Since 1995, WATMEC has been sourcing and offering best-in-class assessments.


WATMEC’s One-on-One Certified Coaches offer solutions to meet your needs.

Corporate Learning

A comprehensive assortment of in-house training solutions that can be tailored.

Live Virtual Training

WATMEC’s offers a variety of effective learning options for the virtual classroom.

Blended Learning

We can combine various learning platforms to custom design your ideal solution.

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