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6 Best Practices for Managing Up at Work

by Don Rheem

Managing up is the process of working with the person you report to in order to set clear expectations, identify ways to improve outcomes, and to maximize the value of your relationship. It’s an intentional practice that empowers employees to build a strong working relationship with their boss. When done well, managing up is a win-win situation.

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4 Essential Coaching Skills for Overloaded Managers

by Zoe Mackey Berrett-Koehler Publishers BK Blog

The modern workplace manager is expected to wear many hats. Operations expert. Organizer. Career counselor. Mentor. Friend. Role model. Taskmaster. Problem solver. Peacemaker. And yes, even coach. Regrettably, that last role is often overlooked, and it can be the trickiest – and the most important.

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Developing Positive Habits to Become a Magnetic Leader

by Don Rheem

For leaders, good habits promote a healthy and thriving organizational culture. By making positive behaviours habitual, we not only free up mental bandwidth for employees to use on other tasks, but we also increase psychological safety by being more predictable and consistent.

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Investing In Staff Retention

August 1, 2019 by Dale Wilcox

I recently attended a Manufacturing Summit where the theme was “Fuelling Your Business with Talent”, and the focus was on recruitment, engagement and retention. At the summit, one VP of Human Resources reported that their company lost 63 people in 2017...

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