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To Coach Junior Employees, Start with 4 Conversations

by Jerry Connor Blog

Career coaching is crucial for recent college graduates and young people entering the workforce. Though many have scant experience, they’re making choices that will affect their lives long into the future. Research has shown that first jobs are an optimal time for workers to gain transferable skills.

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Being Fully Present at Work

by Jeff Beals Sales Shape Up E-Newsletter

I was recently sitting by myself at a restaurant working on my laptop during lunch. A group of four women was sitting next me. They seemed to be good friends who enjoyed each other’s company. From time to time, they would say something that caught my attention, and I’d find myself eavesdropping a bit especially when they started talking about their husbands.

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Learning From Your Actions Sooner Rather Than Later

by the Mind Tools Editorial Team Mind Tools Newsletter

A typical project review is done "post mortem" – after the fact, and well past any opportunity to change the outcome. You finish a project, and then you study it to determine what happened. From there, you decide which processes to keep and what you'll do differently next time.

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Leaders: Have You Taken Your Daily Dose of Silence?

by Mary Anne Harmer LinkedIn Pulse

A few weeks ago it snowed here, and then iced over. For a few days the streets and neighborhoods were quiet. Still… no movement. I took the dog for a walk in the morning, and the snow dampened all sound and created soft moments… without noise. Calm.

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