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Your Brain on Learning

by David Rock Chief Learning Officer

By figuring out how the brain works, learning leaders can alter how they approach learning to promote behavioral change and increase business results. The May 2015 issue of Chief Learning Officer magazine, author David Rock tells us how brain research explains in specific detail how we learn, and how this provides insight for new ways to design learning solutions.

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Seven Steps to Learn From Failure

posted by Ty Hall on

Failure is so hot right now that some consider it to be an untapped resource that can lead to more innovation, faster growth, and even employee engagement. In a blog posted May 4, 2015 on, authors of The Other F Word, Mark Coopersmith and John Danner, lecturers at Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, share seven steps effective leadership can take to tap into failure’s potential.

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Six Ways Colour Affects Learning

by Kate Everson Chief Learning Officer

That white and gold dress (or was it black and blue) many people talked about on twitter a few months ago has more to do with neurology than thousands of bored social media users. And learning leaders should take note. In a March 5, 2015 blog on, associate editor Kate Everson explains how colour affects us differently, and can be used to help employees learn more effectively.

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The Magic of Asking for Feedback

by Jack Zenger by Joe Folkman Training Industry

Most accept that feedback between managers, colleagues and subordinates improves the way organizations function. But how do you make feedback happen? More important, how do you make it more frequent and impactful? In “Perspectives on Leadership”, a special 2015 edition of Training Industry Magazine, Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman address the most challenging acts leaders face.

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