1. Get to know your teammates.

You should know something about their families, their outside interests, their past professional experiences, etc. Look for something in common with each one and use that as conversation starters.

2. Bring your manners to work.

It is important that you treat fellow employees with respect, that you share the resources in your workplace, and you acknowledge other’s time by not interrupting them.

3. If you say you will do it, do it.

Keep your promises and agreements – whether major or insignificant to you. Be known by the fact you keep your word. It shows you are committed to the team and builds trust.

4. Do your part.

In a team everyone must be counted on to meet his or her responsibility. Fail to do so, then others have to pick up the slack.

5. Lend a hand.

We all have days when we fall behind. If you see a teammate who is struggling, pitch in... lend a hand.

6. Share your knowledge.

Peer-to-peer learning helps both you and the ones you help, and adds to the overall success of the team.

7. Embrace diversity.

Much is to be gained when you accept and appreciate team members who are ‘different’. Whether you are accepting their age, race, culture, or physical difference, diversity leads to significant business advantages. We work in a global world and a diverse marketplace.

8. Provide recognition.

Nothing enhances team cohesion more than mutual appreciation. Show your regard for others by acknowledging their contributions to the team’s effort.

9. Cooperate willingly.

Avoid favouritism, rivalries, turf battles. Instead plan to work together to ensure the success of the group.

10. Build mutual trust.

Open communication and addressing issues quickly leads to greater interdependence and team work. There is no place for derogatory humour, insults, gossip, or “us vs. them” behaviours.

Members of successful teams care about each other, help each other, cover for one another, and know that success comes when you realize you are all in this together.

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